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75% of most practices are closed after 6pm


4 Hours - Average time in emergency waiting room


21 Days - Average number of days to schedule a Dr. appointment


66% of Emergency Room Visits are non-emergency

Get the care you need from anywhere you want at any time you want.


You don’t need to wait in a waiting room or drive to an office. Online Doctor visits are convenient, immediate and will save you a lot of a time.


You can have Telehealth calls at no extra cost and highly reduce your medical costs, no need to go to the office or have an urgent care visit without an urgent reason.


You can access our services from anywhere in the U.S.A, as long as you have an internet connection you are covered.


We have specialists in most areas, you have an option to speak to a physician, a pediatrician, even a behavioral therapist, and much more.

How Telemedicine Works


Schedule your Consultation

Download our HealthCardClub app or call 1.866.935.8925 to speak to a care coordinator

Virtual Intake

Care Coordination

You will speak to a Care Coordinator who will triage and update your Electronic Health Record(EHR) along with all your symptoms.

Virtual Appointment

Virtual Appointment

You will consult with a Physician who will recommend you a treatment plan. If a prescription is necessary, it’s sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Application Features

Access a Doctor when YOU need it 24/7/365.

Search for Doctors, Dentists or other providers near you.

My Providers will list all of your current providers for a quick access.


Benefit Hub Connects you with all your health benefits vendors.

RX Saver find and pick-up the lowest-cost prescription in your area.

Referral Now for conditions beyond what we can treat, we make local referrals.

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