“In a place where you think you should only find open doors, you will ussually find those doors closed, that’s the american health care system. After many bad experiences I went looking for solutions. Today, I have a tool that doesn’t let me down, and helps me to constantly check-up on my health. I made it for me and my family and now I open those doors to anyone that also need an open door to care of their health.”


Our History

Another South American immigrant in search of the American dream, just like the other millions that come every year to the U.S.A in search of security, work and quality of life for their families. A long and difficult proccess that most of the time will leave you a scar that just won’t heal. When we got the U.S.A we have to look for an apartment, a job, a bank, a school to enroll our children and we leave aside our health as in that moment thats the least of our worries. One day when you need to take care of yourself or someone from your family the bill arives and you realise: Health Care in the U.S.A is expensive! You start to live in fear of ever needing it again, because those huge bills can get in the way of you realising your American dream. That’s what happened to me.

What a shock for me! I won’t go much into details, but one day for a simple accident that left me with a muscle inflamtion I got myself a bill for $8.000,000. It got to that point because instead of seeking care immediatly after the incident, I let it go and just lived with it for a while hoping that it would heal itself, it didn’t. I ended up having to go the urgent care and comming back home with that huge $8.000,00 bill.

Sometimes with bad comes good! After that incident I went looking for solutions, to give people what I didn’t have back them. Support, a simple contact that I could’ve made with a Doctor back them could’ve saved me a lot. Thats why I put together everything I find nescessary for health care including 24/7 telemedicine, beheaviour specialists, lawyers, pharmacy discounts, ask a doctor messaging system, second opinion program and more. Using the best that technology has to offer us I have put together HealthCardClub and with that I hope to help hundreds of thousands of people around the U.S.A so that everyone can have a unique and reliable experience with their health care.

Our main values:

Respect        Inovation        Gratitude

Trust        Will        Exactitude       

Empathy        Colaboration

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